Zengene & Carol


Zengene Dō,

    Zengene started practicing Buddhism at the age of 13 in 1964. He later became a Zen Buddhist in 1990. He has practiced at the Zen Mountian Monastery in New York as well as demonstrating the martial art of iaido,  Japanese Swordsmanship at the Monastery. 

    He has studied Japanese Woodworking and Japanese Swordsmanship; iaido since 1989.

    Zengene ran a business "DAIKU" for many years in Northeast Connecticut designing and building  with Japanese architectural influence. Shoji screen doors, Fasuma doors, Japanese rooms along with colonial post and beam home restoration using Japanese building techniques. 

    A complete Japanese workshop will be built at Dharma Vista along with a photography darkroom.

     Zengene has 45 years of Wildlife, Landscape and Architectural Photography in the United States and other countries. 

He worked as an electronic engineer for over 40 years in the submarine field, on sonar systems.

    Zengene has now come to Tucson, Arizona, his new home, to build a Japanese Zen Retreat and Meditation Center called Dharma Vista

     This center will include a large studio and Dharma center to bring Buddhist meditation and Dharma talks to this area. Zen gardens and Hindu gardens will be built. Along with these features, there will be expert demonstrations, festivals and concerts at Dharma Vista

All are invited to Dharma Vista.

See "Dharma Vista News" 

Dharma Vista Woodworking - Daiku   

Japanese Architectural Creations   


Zengene Dō               

13555  W. Sacred Earth Place    

Tucson, Arizona        85735   

cell    520-989-4194


Carol Maun

   Went on many pilgrimages and traveled to numerous country's sacred sites to explore and discover many cultures including her favorite, India.  

    Settled in Tucson Arizona, while living in the Southwest she developed her knowledge and skills in Vedic Jyotish. 

    Her path continued as she entered monastic training at the Desert Ashram  for the next 28 years. Daily life included Satsang, Sanskrit Chanting, Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Karma Yoga.     Devotional life of a bhakti brought her into an exceptional awareness to truth, the Dharma. This dharma was made possible by studying the Vedas, the Upanishads, Shiva, Vishnu, Narada Puranas and Lord Buddha under the guidance of her Guru, Swami Amar Jyoti. This training gave her the understanding and wisdom for the Vedic Jyotish.  ​            

    Carol's source of understanding Vedic Jyotish Charts extends over 40 years of personal study and working up charts. 


Jyotish as Vedic Astrology system was accumulated for over 5,000 years. This system was 2,500 years before the Buddha's time of 500BC. Because the knowledge has been acquired over this time period it is relevant up to our present day. 

    It has enhanced Carol's life by creating charts for daily, monthly and yearly events. Now you can have this Vedic Jyotish chart system for yourself through her. These charts are integrated with the ancient system up to and including modern times where applicable for the Vedic Jyotish.