Building Dharma Vista

What we are about


    Dharma Vista was created when Carol and Zengene joined spiritually.             

    Carol and Zengene together bring their love, compassion, skills and DHARMA to this wonderful place on earth called Dharma Vista. 

    Carol is very skillful in Vedic Jyotish Astrology. 

    Zengene will be using his skills to create Japanese Architecture designs such as Shoji doors and windows, Japanese rooms and Tea houses along with a line of  Buddhist and Hindu table shrines.         

     Dharma Vista will have Zen and Hindu gardens around the site. 

All will be welcomed to visit, have Dharma talks and meditate anytime.   


                 2019 we will start the building and ground works.   

  •     Phase 1, the first phase has been accomplished with revitalizing the land to bring it back to its natural existence and beauty.   

  •     Phase 2,  is building the studio center a 30 X 50' structure that will house a complete Japanese woodworking shop, photo lab, and a place to meet until the Dharma Center is build.  


  •     Phase 3, will be building the Dharma Center.


Call us, come visit and join us and our friends in this Sacred Earth Community. 


             Dharma Vista

13555 Sacred Earth Place, Tucson,   85735

Is Located 25 miles west from the center of  Tucson off of Route 86 near Three Points Arizona (still in Tucson), in the desert surrounded by sacred mountains. 

It is part of the Sacred Earth Community.

Japanese Architectural Creations


Dharma Vista Japanese woodworking 

A complete  traditional Japanese woodworking shop will be located in the new Studio building.

Dharma Vista Woodworking - Daiku  Japanese Architectural Creations   


 Zengene Dō

13555  W. Sacred Earth Place    

Tucson, Arizona, 85735   

cell    520-989-4194

Building Dharma Vista


    THE DAIDO –  Great Way…. A Japanese name given to our new driveway inward from the main road,  Sacred Earth Place.  The Daido curves like a river inward, around the Greeter-Mesquite at entrance. 

     We have given several of our 60+ Mesquite trees names to discern their direction placement. Tall  posts with solar lanterns atop, small temple bells and Tibetan flags flank the entrance to The Daido.  

    Further along, solar lamps at ground level curve inward on the Daido. Shortly we plan to extend this path to sides of landscape more northward around Mesquite trees, saving the rounded out areas for cactus and natural desert plants.          

    The landscaping is proceeding slowly, as it had been vacant for many years, with people and cars having made paths and roads there impacting the land. Now we are creating new paths of privacy as we rebuild the sacred spaces. We wish to embrace the land as we make it ready for spiritual unfoldment.  

    We have selected a Meditation Tree in the West sector and placed a huge Temple Bell in it. This will be developed for sitting as one of the many meditating gardens.


    Other areas newly developed are The Bodhi Garden.   Amongst this alcove of Mesquite trees of shade, there are small bushes of Mountain Laurel with an informal grove of ARUNDO fronds that look like Bamboo but have another name. Beyond these are a V-shaped cluster of other small trees. Murtis of The Buddha sit in this center space.          


  A section will be available for camping.


    We are actively planning to harvest rain water with our studio roofs for potable use along with garden use. Gray water from the house will also be utilized for the gardens. Solar panels will be installed to make us off grid for electricity.         

    We hope to encourage people who meditate, enjoy music and chanting to join with us.